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WALX on The Chase is a Nordic walking group based on Cannock Chase that thrives on fresh air fitness.


Changing lives one step at a time! 


We offer a variety of walks, including the popular nordic walks, to entice everyone to the picturesque Cannock Chase and surrounding woodland for more than just an adventure. We read the maps so you can relax and enjoy the chatter and scenery. It’s maximum smileage in Mother Nature’s gym. Awesome!

Join us, your vibrant, friendly, welcoming and supportive WALX community today. It’s your first step to being active in the great outdoors!

Meet like-minded people who also enjoy the wonderful outdoors and share your passion for outdoor exercise as:

  • Explorer WALX – exploring new places and enjoying a cuppa and cake or pub stop.
  • Total Body WALX – working out the whole body with a variety of fun equipment (suitable for all)
  • Wellness WALX – gentle paced walks suitable for those who like a slow pace or recovering. These are often wheelchair friendly too.
  • Nordic WALX – this is for our Freedom Passport members who have been taught to Nordic Walk and understand the power of the poles. We do have taster sessions and beginner courses.

We offer WALX in the safety of a group, with knowledgeable WALX Guides and Coaches plus fabulous company. Discover new paths, new friends, renewed energy, improved sleep, a positive and healthier body.

No more worries about finding a willing person to walk with, or worry about getting lost or even where to walk; we take away the pressure so you can enjoy at leisure.

Fresh air fitness stimulates the mind, body and soul, on your soles. It gives you a feeling of positive wellbeing and wholeness.

Nordic WALX is the original exhilarating cheeky exercise in disguise without the huff n puff.

Increase the calorie burn by 40% by adding poles to your walk and work your upper body AND lower body at the same time! Nordic walking is a technical fitness walk and with the correct instruction and class engagement, you will be giggling your way to a fitter happier you. Release the endorphins, the body’s own laughter chemicals and feel stress just melt away.

Exercising in the great outdoors has so many benefits so why not come along to your local walk and you will be given a warm and friendly welcome; starting your journey of well-being with a group of like-minded, passionate and supportive people

Our WALX Master, Coaches and Guides are professional, qualified and passionate about making our WALX unforgettable!

  • So whether you want to walk for fitness, fun or simply to be in the great outdoors, join now and explore WALX that are welcoming, well organised and inspirational… wherever you may be.
  • Join one of our Drop-in WALX to find out more and take your first steps into the world of WALX.
  • If you’re an occasional walker, you can find a Drop-in WALX where you will be welcome to join in whenever it suits you. If you want more, then the WALX membership is ideal for you.
  • For a low-cost monthly fee, you can join unlimited WALX with us.
  • Check out our blogs and see what fun is in store on our online diary.
  • Stay in touch and sign up for our Newsletter.

Jon Wood – WALX Master

A keen sportsman in his younger days Jon also completed 35 years pounding the keyboard as an IT professional.

Jon began Nordic Walking in 2017 and found the low impact exercise a rewarding way to keep fit after experiencing a number of joint and muscle injuries aggravated by running. In addition the sociability enhances the experience both mentally and physically. He is a qualified Nordic Walking UK instructor and relishes having Cannock Chase and its surrounding areas as his place of work.

Outdoor exercise is so rewarding. We have a connection to people, we want to help each other and share in one another’s successes, and this is the fundamental reason that WALX on the Chase exists. This is where we connect to each other as well as nature and our surroundings, this is when we exercise the mind and stress truly subsides. Your inspiration will come from each other and the camaraderie will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Exercising outside is a completely addictive experience, which is rarely hampered by the weather and there is a certain increased sense of achievement when you return from a session in the snow and rain.  Our office, your playground will change you in many ways and we guarantee they will all be positive whilst being fun and enjoyable.

Sharon – WALX Master

A keen sportsperson Sharon had to give up competitive sport following a short illness aged 18. She tried a number of different physical activities none of which motivated continuation. Sharon came across an advert for Nordic Walking in 2017 and felt it would be a good way to exercise outdoors alongside her partner.

Having worked as a Health and Safety Manager for over 20 years, the last 10 years have had an added focus on wellbeing and Sharon began to appreciate the benefits Nordic Walking provides both physically and mentally. This has inspired her to look at new opportunities to support workplaces in providing activities as part of their wellbeing programme.

Sharon has recently qualified as a WALX Master and is looking forward to delivering her own training programmes.

Pam – WALX Guide

Pam has always enjoyed being outdoors as she was brought up on a farm and spent her youth horse riding across fields and lanes. Since leaving home to go to university Pam has continued to enjoy the outdoors and after moving to Cannock in the 1980s has been a regular walker and runner on Cannock Chase. The Chase is so changeable with the seasons there is always something new to see and so many paths and routes that you can never get bored there.
After 35 years in education, Pam retired from full-time work in the summer of 2019 but wanted to utilise her skills of motivating people to achieve more than they thought they could. After completing a Nordic walking course she felt that there were a lot of benefits to Nordic walking-the mental well being of exercising outdoors and the social side, meeting local people who all have their own reasons for taking part in Nordic walking. When the opportunity came to train as a WALX Guide Pam decided that this would be her opportunity to enjoy herself but also to “give back”. She would love you to join her on her walks

Frank – WALX Guide

Having achieved a ‘Walking for Health’ leader in 2019 which includes walks that are free, sociable and easily accessible for most people, I then considered Nordic Walking as a great opportunity for improving my health as the poles help with stability and reduces pressure on the joints.

Having learned Nordic Walking, I realised that many people would improve their health, like myself and being in a forest is good for your mental health also. So regular walks can increase your life expectancy, improve the strength of our muscles and bones, reduce our blood pressure and increases our level of ‘good’ cholesterol.


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