'I love walking but needed a challenge and was introduced to Nordic walking by a friend on a 'Bring your Friend for Free' taster. It's a great way to get a full body workout and walk in the fresh air with fantastic scenery. Using poles improves your posture whilst working muscles all over your body. It has been better for me than going to the gym as I like being outdoors. Jon is a great teacher and provides challenging walks that all abilities can enjoy. You feel a great sense of achievement once you have completed them. A great way to get fit!'

— Anne

Freedom to roam in the fresh air! “I love the variety in Nordic walking – it can be a chance to challenge yourself on hill climbs and longer walks or it can be chance to absorb the ever-changing scenery of the Chase on a shorter walk. Nordic Walking helps me physically and mentally – I enjoy the exercise of walking with poles and taking on the challenges of hills (I choose to do the hills – not every walk has them!) and I find being outside in nature really helps me to relax.”

— Mel

Exercising in the great outdoors, good for the mind, body and soul! Seeing new things, birds and deer. Sunrise and sunset walks are stunning which brings great joy! Helping you keep fit using new techniques. No walk is ever the same, so many things to see in nature and a different experience every time!

— Diana

WALX on The Chase is exploring the chase while improving your health. My favourite is aspect is being able to explore the Chase and be outdoors and also being able to book onto any walk and meet so many friendly people. Even though I have only been a member for a month I have already attended more walks than me ever walking into a gym in a year. After a fair few years of joining gyms and paying for memberships that I’ve never used I decided to give Nordic Walking a try.

— Kate

I have made some lovely friends through Nordic Walking. Having a booked slot means that I can prioritise going out regardless of the chores or work waiting at home or the weather. Walking part of the South Shropshire Way was a highlight. I love the fresh air, increased fitness, spending time with lovely people and the scenery.  

— Emma

I’m probably one of the oldest members of the group at over 70 but there is always a walk to suit me and even if I slow down at the hills, I always feel part of the group and by the end of every walk, rain or shine I feel at least 20 years younger. Nordic Walking is walking at another level, exercising upper and lower body and helped by the unique poles. Spending time outside in a stunning and varied location, exercising the whole body while relaxing with a variety of friends. The combination of outdoor exercise, a sense of adventure, fun and friendship is a winner, life-changing and such fun

— Marilyn

I joined WALX on The Chase around a year ago because I wanted to do something that wasn’t running but got me outdoors. I suffer from sciatica so was looking for something fairly low impact. I love being outdoors and get a huge amount both physically and mentally from being at one with nature. I find exercising on my own a bit boring and love the social aspect of WALX on The Chase. We meet up on a Saturday morning, have a pretty good work out walk and then some of us go for a cuppa at the end. What more could you ask for to start your weekend! Nordic walking has been provided to be as beneficial if not more so that running because you are working your upper body as well as your lower body and I get more out of breath Nordic Walking than I do running. Jon has a great group of people who regularly walk and we have become friends and would like to welcome more people into the group. The benefit of WALX on The Chase is that it can be tailored to each ability and there are different style walks available to cater for everyone, it is a game-changer in so many ways.

— Justin